Your Daily Dose of Sales Inspiration

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Are you having a bad day? Did that last rejection really get you down?

Maybe you haven't closed a deal in a while and it feels like you'll never close one again?

Dreading that next cold call?

If you're in sales, you've probably felt this way. I know I have.

The remedy? A daily dose of sales inspiration to help you get your mind right.

Inspired, positive sales reps, perform better.

A positive mental attitude is critical in sales, but it's not always easy.

It's okay to need a little boost.

You can develop a positive outlook with 30 days of sales inspiration.

Check out Your Daily Dose of Sales Inspiration to get that little pick-me-up that ensures you start each day on the right foot or consider this as a gift for the salesperson in your life.

Your Daily Dose of Sales Inspiration is a:

πŸ’Š 100ml reusable glass apothecary jar with a cork stopper, filled with

πŸ’Š 30 doses of sales inspiration, insider tips, and advice rolled up inside of colorful capsules [think fortune cookie scrolls].

In 30 days, you can create a new habit of positivity!

πŸ’Š 1 free refill. Your order comes with 30 blank scrolls to add your own message of positivity and create a personalized prescription.

πŸ’Š 10% of all proceeds will be donated to 501(c)(3) re:work training. Re:work is a Chicago non-profit breaking down barriers for people of color by providing free career training for sales roles.

πŸ’Š Your prescription to 30 days of sales inspiration will ship in 5-7 days.

Keep your prescription on your desk for a little pick-me-up each day!

What type of sales inspiration can you expect with each dose?

πŸ’‘It's not about time management. It's about choice management.

πŸ’‘ Go update your CRM. Future you will appreciate it.

πŸ’‘ You're one step closer to your next YES.

πŸ’‘Set your boundaries and guard them fiercely.

πŸ’‘ Celebrate the mini-milestones on your path to big wins.

Please note: THESE ARE NOT EDIBLE. This is a novelty. motivational product and not for consumption under any circumstance. This is for reading, not eating.


This is perfect for SDRs, BDRs, sales executives, account executives, account managers, customer success managers, sales leaders, and sales managers as well as business owners and founders who are still out there selling!

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Need a little dose of inspiration? Pop the cork on your apothecary bottle, shake out a colorful pill and unroll your daily dose of sales inspiration.

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10% of proceeds are donated to non-profit re:work training
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Your Daily Dose of Sales Inspiration

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